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Ichi Food Summer

Ichi Food Summer

Ichi Food Summer provides complete nourishment for koi, specially adapted for summer. Made from top-quality raw materials for optimal uptake and performance (savings on food and reduced droppings with an impact on the proliferation of algae). No meat or poultry meal. Ichi Food Summer is the optimal summer food used by breeders of Koi. They appreciate its performance both regarding growth and colours and the fishes’ strength and resistance. It is ideal for establishing a top-up ration when water temperature exceeds 15°C.

Product available in different  grain sizes:

  • IchIFood Summer mini 2-3 mm  : 1kg, 2 kg, 4 kg
  • IchIFood Summer medium 4-5 mm : 1 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg, 10 kg
  • IchIFood Summer maxi 6-7 mm : 1 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg, 10 kg



Instructions: can be given several times per day as the temperature of the water reaches 15-20°C. It is preferable to give several small meals. In the event of overfeeding, remove waste and reduce the ration. Ornamental fish food. Do not feed rodents or any other animal species.

Contents: Cereal products and by-products, oilseed products and by-products, fish meal, krill meal, fish oil, amino acids, vitamin and trace element premixes, algae, minerals.