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The well-being of your fish is our passion!

Ichi Food offers you the best food for all fish and adapted to each season! Made in Europe, all our food is elaborated in the respect of the environment and the fishing rules. Therefore, each product has the label "Friend of the sea".


We are so convinced of the quality of our products that there is nothing more obvious than offering you the “Money Back Guarantee”. See the conditions below…


Ichi Food is distributed by many resellers. They will help you to find the most suitable food for your fish. Find out which one is closest to you…


At Aquatic Science, there are feeds adapted to each season to guarantee optimal assimilation and improve fish performance. Find out which food is suitable for your fish…


Discover Ichi Food products

At Aquatic Science, there are feeds adapted to each season to ensure optimal assimilation by your fish and to guarantee a continuous supply of nutrients.

Discover our products

Ichi Food All Seasons

Ichi Food All Seasons provides complete nourishment for ornamental fish, especially adapted to meet the requirements for high growth and increased disease resistance…

Ichi Food Winter

Ichi Food Winter is a complete, highly nutritious and easily digestible feed for ornamental fish. It is specially adapted to prepare for or recover from winter and for harsh climates. For use…

Ichi Food Summer

Ichi Food Summer is a complete, highly nutritious and easily digestible feed for ornamental fish. It is the optimal summer feed used by koi breeders, who appreciate its performance as much on the growth…

Ichi Food Excellent

Ichi Food Excellent is a complete feed for ornamental fish intended to render fish high performance. Recommended during the warmest periods (>18°C) during which fish metabolism…

Ichi Food Champion

IchiFood Champion is a complete food for koi carp, especially dedicated to champions and optimized for healthy and rapid growth, even at low temperatures, while developing a muscular…

Ichi Food Nature

Ichi Food BIO is the ideal food for all herbivorous or omnivorous fish in your pond. It provides complete nourishment based on vegetable protein only, with no fish meal. It meets all the nutritional needs…

Ichi Food Baby

Ichi Food Baby is a complete food for ornamental fish especially for formulated for koi fry. The composition of the micro-granules is balanced between proteins and lipids with high contents in vitamins…

Ichi Food Jumbo

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The guarantees of our food

Choosing quality food for your fish becomes a necessity for their health.

For bright colours

Ichi Food feed contains a proprietary blend of natural pigments.

For high digestibility

Thanks to “pre-digested” ingredients, assimilation and performance are maximized.

For enhanced immunity

Our granules are enriched with vitamins and immunostimulants, including probiotics that improve resistance to disease.

To keep everyone happy

90% floating granules & 10% flowing granules

Ichi Food, an Aquatic Science brand

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