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Ichi Food Winter

Ichi Food Winter

Ichi Food Winter provides complete nourishment for koi, specially adapted for preparation for or recovery from winter. Made from top-quality raw materials for high uptake (savings on food and reduced droppings with an impact on the proliferation of algae). No meat or poultry meal. Highly nutritious and easily digestible, Ichi Food Winter is particularly suitable before and after winter or for harsh climates. Use between 5 and 15°C to ensure the energy intake required for Koi and other pond fish during this delicate time of year.

Product available in different  grain sizes:

  • IchIFood Winter mini 2-3 mm  : 1kg, 4 kg
  • IchIFood Winter medium 4-5 mm : 1 kg, 4 kg, 10 kg
  • IchIFood Winter maxi 6-7 mm : 1 kg, 4 kg, 10 kg


Instructions: All Aquatic Science Food can be fed several times a day. It is best to feed over several small meals. In case of overfeeding, remove waste and reduce the ration. Ornamental fish food Do not feed to rodents or to another animal species.

Contents: Cereal products and by-products, oilseed products and by-products, fish meal, fish oil, amino acids, vitamin and trace element premixes, minerals.