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Ichi Food Champion

Ichi Food Champion

Ichi Food Champion provides complete nourishment for koi, specially dedicated to preparing for a competition and optimized for rapid, healthy growth, even at low temperatures, while developing a lean, muscular body and an optimal pattern. It is made from top-quality raw materials for optimal uptake and performance. No meat or poultry meal.

Ichi Food Champion is rich in high quality proteins (not from harmful sources such as mammals or birds), immunostimulants and natural pigments. It is perfectly balanced in vitamins and trace elements. High astaxanthin content allows, among others, fighting effectively against oxidative stress. Ichi Food Champion contains layers of clay to regulate the intestinal transit, promoteuptake and create similar conditions to the natural environment.

Product available in different grain sizes:

  • IchIFood Champion medium 4-5 mm : 2,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg
  • IchIFood Champion maxi 6-7 mm : 2,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg



Instructions:IchiFood Champion can be distributed several times a day. It is preferable to distribute several small meals. In case of excess, eliminate waste and reduce the ration. Food for ornamental fish. Do not feed to ruminants or any other animal species.

Contents: Fish meal, wheat, maize gluten, cooked soya extract feed stock, fevers, pea protein, alfalfa protein concentrate, wheat middlings, cephalopod flour, krill meal, rapeseed oil, wheat gluten, shrimp meal, fish meal, sodium chloride, vitamin and trace element premix, clay. Additives