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Ichi Food Baby

Ichi Food Baby

Ichi Food Baby provides complete nourishment for ornamental fish, specially formulated for koi fry. The composition of the micropellets is balanced between proteins and lipids with high levels of vitamins, supplemented with minerals and enriched with trace elements. Pellet size is suitable for small fish from 3 to 7 cm.

Ichi Food Baby allows feeding all your fry evenly, limiting growth variations. Its formulation ensures proper development of the metabolism, promotes the future koi’s well-being and quality.

Product available in grain size 1.2 mm in 0.1kg



Instructions: Distribute four to five meals daily. In case of excess, eliminate the waste and reduce the ration. Feed for ornamental fish.

Ingredients: Fish meal, wheat, faba beans, soya protein concentrate, cake,feed stock extraction of cooked soybeans, wheat gluten, fish oil.