Herstal, Liège, Belgium

Ichi Food Baby

Ichi Food Baby

Ichi Food Baby is a complete food for ornamental fish especially for formulated for koi fry. The composition of the micro-granules is balanced between proteins and lipids with high contents in vitamins, supplemented in minerals and enriched in trace elements. The grain size is suitable for small fish from 3 to 7 cm. Ichi Food Baby allows to feed the whole spawning area homogeneously by limiting the growth variations. Its formulation ensures a good development of the metabolism, promotes well-being and the qualities of the future koi.

Product available in grain size 1.2 mm in 0.1kg



Instructions: Distribute four to five meals daily. In case of excess, eliminate the waste and reduce the ration. Feed for ornamental fish.

Ingredients: Fish meal, wheat, faba beans, soya protein concentrate, cake,feed stock extraction of cooked soybeans, wheat gluten, fish oil.