Herstal, Liège, Belgium

Ichi Food Silk

Ichi Food Silk

SILK: Dehydrated silkworm pupae are a treat for koi and a natural supplement necessary for daily well-being. They are naturally rich in proteins and lipids, essential for good growth and high resistance. Natural enzymes and nutrients will improve the whiteness of the skin. They will help tame fish if they are regularly fed with this delicacy.

Product available in 1L.



Carp feed on elements that are present in large numbers in their natural environment. Vegetable food but also components rich in proteins are to find there. They can be small crustaceans or worms and larvae carried by floods and runoff. These natural food supplements, which are essential for the well-being of fish, are offered in dehydrated form. Pupae of silkworms (SILK), mealworms (MOLITOR) and gammaras are so many treats with beneficial virtues that koi will gladly come and eat them in the palm of their hand! These insects are an ideal complement to the ICHI FOOD food program.