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Ichi Food Bio

Ichi Food Bio

Ichi Food BIO is the ideal food for all herbivorous or omnivorous fish in your pond. It provides complete nourishment based on vegetable protein only, with no fish meal. It meets all the nutritional needs in proteins, fatty acids, pigments, fibre and calcium and mineral salts.

Ichi Food BIO is avaliable in 3.3 L/ 1 kg and in 13 L/ 4 kg



Instructrions: Ichi Food Bio can be fed several times a day when the water temperature is minimum 12°C. It is best to feed over several small meals. In case of overfeeding, remove waste and reduce the ration. Ornamental fish food

Contents: Organic peas, organic soybean meal, organic pea protein concentrate, organic soybean oil, phosphate, premix.