Herstal, Liège, Belgium

Ichi Food Nature

Ichi Food Nature

IchiFood Nature is the perfect feed for all herbivorous or omnivorous fish in your pond. It is a complete vegetable protein-based feed with no fish meal. It is enriched with freshwater shrimp, gammarids (Gammarus pulex) in order to meet all nutritional requirements as regards protein, fatty acids, pigments, fibre as well as calcium and mineral salts.

Product available in grain size 2-3 mm in 1 kg and 10 kg.




Instructions: Ichi Food Nature can be given several times per day as the temperature of the water reaches 9-10°C. It is preferable to give several small meals. In the event of overfeeding, remove waste and reduce the ration. Ornamental fish food. Do not feed rodents or any other animal species.

Contents:Wheat red dog, beans, cooked soyabean cake, corn gluten, rapeseed oil, rapeseed cake, protein concentrate of soybeans, monocalcium phosphate, scuds.

*enriched with freshwater shrimp, gammarids